The Thoughts of a Little White Welshman
Many years ago, in the dim and distant, I dreamt of being a film maker. Coming from the valleys - the youngest son to an upholsterer and a mother who worked on a chicken farm - I didn't believe I had possessed the, 'Right Stuff', to follow my dreams and be creative. With this despondency in mind I ditched most of my hopes and wishes and settled to just draw things from my imagination in the form of cartoons.
After many years and many mini misadventures I found myself in defiance of the limitations that the universe (or myself) had laid out before me; like some impenetrable wall! So I decided, even with a family a mortgage and all the woeful responsibilities that comes with that lifestyle, that it was time to, attempt, some of my dreams to come true (or bucket list; as time marches on it feels like underachieved dreams becomes a 'Bucket List'!).
Moving forward with the idea of creating an independent feature film with whatever money I could find - make it look nice and bright - make it for a general audience and attempt to entertain people - I wrote 'Griffin' (my first feature film). There had been many shorts beforehand 'Three Million Years Before Lunch'. 'A Mind Of Winter'. 'The Free World Chronicles', and with each one came learning new disciplines - the ever changing kit; from Tape to Hi8 to Mini DV to HD to 2K now 4K - it's been quite a ride.
So with 2 Feature films in the bag, several shorts and a music video we move forward with plans for a 3rd feature film and the hope that this next project could very well be something quite special.
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Wed 1 Nov 2017

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